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The Vision Behind High Falls Advisors Thumbnail

The Vision Behind High Falls Advisors

Written by: Ken Burke, CPA/PFS CBEC®

When Jim Englert and Jim McBride founded High Falls Advisors, they envisioned a firm that provided much more than traditional investment management. They wanted to create a different service model that utilized a team of specialized advisors, including a CPA, Attorney, and Financial Planner, all committed to maximizing and protecting your wealth.

The Traditional Service Model

In a traditional service model, you would work with your CPA on tax matters, but may not get perspective regarding estate or financial planning. You would work with your Attorney on estate planning matters but may not have insight into potential tax implications. You’d have access to the specialized advisors you need, but they wouldn’t be working together, and key points might get lost.

This model can work, provided the lines of communication and relationships between various advisors are functioning well, but business, finance, and taxes are now more complex and volatile than ever. We’ve experienced seismic events in the financial markets beginning with the dot-com crash of the early 2000s, the subprime mortgage crisis, the global pandemic, regional banking crisis, high inflation, and rising interest rates. What is next?

Professionals must have an informed understanding of your financial situation and specific planning theme to quickly spot advice inconsistencies that could negatively impact a sound strategy. 

HFA’s Integrated Service Model

Jim and Jim believed our clients would benefit from something different. By building an integrated service model, they created a firm committed to investing in its people and the ability to streamline services, improve results, and deliver a client experience at the highest level.

Today, Jen and I maintain the original vision our founders had for High Falls Advisors. We continue to build a comprehensive team of specialized experts who provide timely and impactful advice and work together to help solve today’s complex problems. Please read our recent blog post to learn more about recent additions to our tax team: Kevin McPherson, CPA, Raechel Taddei, EA, and Caleb Harris.

The Value of Education, Experience, and Collaboration

By encouraging and modeling continued learning and education, our founders instilled the value of staying current with today’s ever-changing financial landscape and taking that knowledge to the next level. Our Advisors and team members regularly participate in advanced courses and mastermind groups and are currently pursuing the following:

  • Retirement Income Certified Professional (RICP®)
  • Insurance licensing
  • Investment Advisor licensing
  • Members of Ed Slott’s Elite IRA Advisor Group℠

They share knowledge gained from experience and education, discuss ideas, and are open to debate. This collaboration builds and strengthens our team. It also improves efficiency and problem-solving for our clients.

Thank You

We’re grateful to Jim Englert and Jim McBride for building the foundation for High Falls Advisors and for continuing to support and counsel, and we want to thank the entire HFA team for their dedication to the vision and mission of our firm and for embracing a generous spirit of collaboration.

Most importantly, we would like to thank you, our clients, for your business and support. We truly value the relationships we have built over the years, your thoughtful referrals, and the opportunity to grow with you.