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Business Exit Planning

Whether you are looking to retire or move into a new phase of life, you need a comprehensive exit strategy built around your unique situation. At HFA, we’ll work with you to develop a customized plan that takes into account your motives for the exit, personal and business goals, and the exit path that best fits you and your company.

Designed to help you exit on your terms

  • Clarify your personal and business goals
  • Determine if you are ready to exit your business (financial and emotional readiness)
  • Decide which exit strategies are likely to produce the best results
  • Help you understand your exit options and choose a strategy
  • Determine the value of your business under the chosen strategy
  • Execute your exit strategy (includes financial planning, market timing, working with outside advisors)

The support you need

To better support you and your business succession needs, our firm has access to:

  • Ongoing exit strategy education and training
  • Updated planning tools and current industry resources
  • Transactional service providers such as M&A advisors, ESOP providers, business valuation professionals, tax experts, and many more.

You worked hard to build your business.

When the time comes to exit it, we can help you do it on your terms.

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